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Just like in the kung fu movies, the protagonist always gets stronger after learning and training more. What role do you need your employee to do? Do they know those roles?

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Most managers hire people and get them on board without telling them how their role will help the company succeed. Ask them what they think of their role, let them know your expectations, ask them what their goals are regarding their roles and your expectations, and then create an outline to achieve those goals. Meet each other in the middle.

Let them understand how and why their role is important to the company. Promote learning and training in your company.

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However, not everyone in your company needs the same kind of training. Ask your people which areas they think they are lacking and provide them with training for that. But as they say, the best teacher is experience. Let them do the tasks you assigned them by themselves, and let them do it their way. Once you have provided them with the learnings and training, trust in them that they will be able to do their roles.

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  • Development will not happen without accountability. Let your people take accountability for their tasks and their actions. Review their performance and provide them with honest feedback so they can improve. Keep in mind that it is important that they know which areas need improvement so they can do their best for your company. Jul Sales Ended.

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    Business Class. Share this event. Business Seminar. In , they were the giants in their industry.


    They had stores, 60, employees, and millions of customers. Then the industry started to change, bringing Netflix and Redbox into the market. The founder of Netflix met with the CEO of Blockbuster and offered an affiliation that would serve both companies, but Blockbuster took their ball and went home.

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    Even though the CEO of Blockbuster, John Antioco, a man known for turning fledgling businesses around , saw the change coming and sought to adapt, he was voted out. A few years later, Blockbuster was bankrupt.

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    • The flaw was relying on what they knew, what they were used to, rather than seeking to learn a new way—to grow and gain a new knowledge set. The leader of any company has to continue to grow and learn of course. However, helping their people grow as well is an underrated necessity.