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Managers versus digital natives employees : a study regarding the perceptions of the Romanian managers working with youngsters. During the last few years the concerns regarding the youth in the European Union have become a topic of high interest for the European Commission. The official data gathered by the European authorities show that the early school leaving and youth unemployment, coined under the umbrella term of Industrial penetration and internet intensity.

Personal values of internet users : cluster analytic approach. Mitigating adverse effects of using online social networks. Internet access for rural India. Analysis of the relation between a person's emotion and willingness to accept for leaks of personal data. In this research, we performed AHP analysis on what sentiments or emotions have the capacity to affect the WTP and WTA required by consumers, with respect to personal information leaks during internet use.

The analysis results revealed differences in consumer sentiment and emotion during the What ist the impact of ICT infrastructure and mobile phones in Rwanda on its aspirations to transform into a knowledge-based, middle-income economy? Rwanda was a poor, aid dependent subsistence farming economy when it set itself the goal, set out in Vision , of becoming a middle income country by Agriculture and ICT were both important pillars in the strategy to achieve the goal.

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This presentation considers the impact of ICT Does internet stimulate the accumulation of social capital? Does internet usage stimulate the accumulation of social capital? Mechanisms driving technology use in the context of digital inequality : a series of essays on the role of social influence, socio-cognitive processes, and socio-economic determina The empirical economics of online attention. Boik, Andre ; Greenstein, Shane M. Capgemini S. Internet for all : a framework for accelerating internet access and adoption.

This paper investigates the effect of industrial penetration and internet intensity for Taiwan manufacturing firms, and analyses whether the relationships are substitutes or complements.