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It tackles such questions as who is leading the program and what are some of the keys to success. In the end of the day, digital transformation is not When dragging your organisation into the digital world, remember the end goal But in the end you want every employee to be using digital tools on a daily basis. That is going to take training and education. The idea of digital transformation seems to have rocketed up the agenda of many c-suites over the last year. It is heartening to see their enthusiasm and desire to adapt to better serve connected consumers.

But in our enthusiasm many are in danger of missing one of the primary objectives. To make use of digital and meet the needs of connected consumers Doch die Bereitstellung von Tools alleine macht noch keine Enterprise 2. Denn stellen Sie sich vor, es heisst "Wir machen e20! Die Motivation des Einzelnen ist ein wesentlicher Warum echte Social Collaboration auch nachhaltig ist Collaboration and Leadership for Sustainability". Mit Change Kommunikation zu neuen Prinzipien der Zusammenarbeit Der Begriff ist Vielen zu sperrig, weil er zu dominant "digital" ist.

Die Fokussierung auf Technolgie allein bringt noch keinen sinnstiftenden Wandel im Unternehmen. Die Transformation, der How to grow an Enterprise Social Network? Part 2 The beginning is the easy part because you can cover the total user base with the project team involved, ergo synchronous communication one-on-one and one-on-few, in person or by making use of Unified Communication UC is still possible, but over time as the network grows, personal synchronous communication will be more replaced by asynchronous community communication.

Within Atos we took the What are you supposed to do in a community? Promotional messages may encourage you to connect, communicate, and collaborate with others.

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What is often missing from such requests and messages are answers to these questions: What are community members supposed to do? What are community leaders supposed to do? When and how should you use a community or ESN? Community management: The 'essential' capability of successful Enterprise 2. Now it's increasingly proving not just useful but a critical component of Enterprise 2.

You wouldn't provide new software to users without proper support. What is Digital Transformation? The term is very definitely being hyped by some, and is in danger of becoming as diluted in meaning as the "cloud" term as it becomes a catch all for almost anything associated with our new connected, social media oriented world using emergent technology. However, we believe it's an important idea and so this post examines the term and tries to come up with a succinct but all encompassing definition of what it is - better than the many others currently available.

Finally we point However, the report, developed Everything we know about millenials and KM is wrong Turns out, these common views are wrong. We all "know" that Millenials love social media, love collaboration, hate formal meetings and dislike email. Baby Boomers on the other hand are supposed to be strangers to social media, and much prefer emails and meetings. However according to this study from Global Research and Consulting, dated October , all of these are myths.

Firstly, do not make any assumptions about The iceberg that sinks organizational change Some aspects of organizational culture are visible on the surface, like the tip of an iceberg, while others are implicit and submerged within the organization. Because these ingrained assumptions are tacit and below the surface, they are not easy to see or deal with, although they affect everything the organization does.

Organizational change - Be mindful of things below the surface Most of an icebergs bulk lies below the surface. Ships that ignore the ice below the water are in mortal Stephan Grabmeier: Die meisten Unternehmenslenker haben einen noch zu geringen Reifegrad in der digitalen Unternehmensentwicklung Als Vorstand der Selbst-GmbH Auch Bosch hat eine Betriebsvereinbarung zu mobiler Arbeit geschlossen.

Accenture sagt voraus: Komplette Wirtschaft wird kollaborativ Accenture spricht in seiner "Technology Vision " von einer Grad-Wendung in der Art wie wir arbeiten und leben. HR-Abteilungen: Vordenken statt verschlafen Internal Social Business for Leaders series: 3. Be yourself By now, you should have a polished profile in place and be more comfortable with your online social surroundings. We're at the point where you are probably asking: "what now? You don't have to be a great writer to have an effective presence in your organization's internal social business platform.

You just have to be yourself - everyone else is taken anyway, according to popular wisdom. There are no accidental leaders - that's Five mistakes leaders make when managing virtual teams Would your answer be stakeholders, perhaps consumers of your product or service indicated by revenue, employees, or assigned team leaders? A good answer would be everyone above who are benefactors of the final product. A better answer would be the virtual team employees members doing the actual distance work.

The best answer would be you as the manager or leader of virtual teams. Managers are the elite group of In many places across the world, it has done so and continues to do so. The problem is that too many times, in too many places, it hasn't. For KM as a discipline, every such failure is like another small dose of poison that can eventually bring down the entire beast.

There are a lot of reasons why a KM implementation can fall short. The road to sustainable success tends to be long. Critical mistakes can be made at any Communication and diversity secure system-wide performance It may be that high performance is incorrectly attributed to competition and is more a result of diversity, self-organizing communication and non-competitive processes of collaboration.

Competitive processes lead to the handicapping of the higher-level system that these processes are part of. This is because competitive selection leads to exclusion: something Fallbeispiele aus der Praxis: Digitale Transformation richtig gemacht Wenn zum Beispiel die Chance besteht, die Anzahl der Kunden zu verdoppeln oder Mitarbeiter doppelt so Now that enterprise social software can spur company-wide, transparent sharing and collaboration, there's no excuse.

In fact, providing employees with easy and obvious ways to learn faster together and from each other is proving to be one of the most successful approaches for companies to stay competitive and spur employee esprit de corps. She found that employees are most likely to become Now, businesses are using enterprise social networks to host interactive online events around specific topics. Employees can join the group hosting a predetermined event, and can ask questions and get answers in real time from experts on the topic. The idea behind an enterprise social media event is similar.

It gets employees from around your While most CEOs have mandated their marketing departments use social because "it's just something we need to do," they themselves are saying, "but that doesn't mean I need to be on social media. Featuring external social media on the intranet There has been the rise of enterprise social networking, features such as Pinterest-style boards and a growth of employee blogs.

Many intranet teams are now choosing to incorporate elements of external social media on their intranet, particularly on the homepage. This includes feeds from corporate Twitter and Facebook accounts as well as images from Instagram or Flickr. Despite the growth and normalisation of the "social How to treat knowledge in product development - 10 principles Here are the ten principles that they list in the conclusion to the book my explanation in italics.

Knowledge is both the raw material and the output of product development Set-Based Knowledge is infinitely more valuable than Point-Based Knowledge this means that generically applicable But we had the debate, you know, we had the debate back when blogging burst on the scene about whether or not we should allow this. As the man responsible for framing the "voice" of the IBM brand, Iwata has made his fair share The world won't be the same again". If you want to watch the live stream, it's online : Endgadget saved the day. If there is a year to be marked as a milestone as the kick-off of the major innovations we have witnessed recently, is a great contender.

Later that year, Twitter became an instant What have you done today to fight disengagement in your company It has become the new major waste we want to address in Corporatica. Many studies McLeod's being the most inspiring to me , many blog posts, there are tons of thinking about it. But what about the doing?

I hear many people whingeing about it: "the teams are not engaged, they don't walk the extra-mile, yada yada yada What have you done today to fight this Enough Leadership. Time for Communityship. We are obsessed with leadership: say organization and we think leadership. That's why those organization charts are so ubiquitous. They tell us who sits on top of whom, but not, for example, who talks with whom? Must we be so fixated on formal authority? Ever heard the word "communityship"? If not, fear not: you won't find it in a dictionary. Say "leadership" and you invoke the image of an individual--at As increasing numbers of employees are flexible, mobile and globally dispersed, in-office team dynamics that are so crucial to morale and productivity must adapt or risk extinction.

In our recent survey of over 1, American knowledge workers, my company, PGi, unearthed some interesting expectations and desires for the New Year. Among them are insights that all organizations should keep in mind when planning for , such as technologies workers Executives and employees may be willing to try a new tool or platform once, but many businesses are struggling to retain those users and ensure ongoing engagement.

The growing evidence for social business maturity Now some organizations are going well beyond the basics to capture shared value. In Paris last week at Enterprise 2. Zeven tips voor het invoeren van een social intranet Een social intranet heeft een grote impact op een organisatie en het blijkt een uitdaging om iedereen erbij te betrekken. Daarom zeven tips die kunnen helpen bij een social intranet transitie. Wat werkt wel en wat werkt niet?

Digitale reclame vs. Elke dag wordt er een nieuw buzzword geboren, staat er een nieuwe applicatie in de schijnwerpers en komt er een nieuw digitale marketing-platform op de markt. Daarom is het goed om eens te gaan kijken naar uitersten wat betreft invalshoeken. Mijns inziens zijn dat de volgende twee: digitale reclame en digitale transformatie. Twee definities 'Business as usual' versus iets nieuws Ikea: schitterende digitale reclame, maar The 7 most important business drivers for Knowledge management We recognised 7 main business drivers, and these are listed below, together with the weighting assigned to this driver by the survey respondents.

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High numbers equal high weighting. It's important to realise that the actual KM framework may be independent of the business driver, and that there will be framework elements which are common to all approaches. Knowledge Transfer requires dual accountability Who is accountable for ensuring effective knowledge transfer? The answer is that the accountability is equally shared.

It's like a football pass - both the thrower and the catcher are responsible for making a successful pass. Not only is the accountability equally shared; both parties need to be equally involved, and both need specific skills. The experienced person needs to be willing and able to share their knowledge. In this post, I compare the two approaches. Social Collaboration: Substantielle Erfolge und gute Strategien In diesem weiteren Zwischenfazit geht es um gute Strategien und die Frage nach substantiellen Erfolgen bei den Unternehmen.

Wir lieben Email - weil sie so einfach ist und wir alle erreichen. Wir hassen Email - weil wir ihr nicht auskommen, sie langsam ist und so anti-social. Wie geht es also weiter mit der Corporate Email? How social networks are set to change communications in business To influence the news agenda your only choice was to go through one of these channels, and the news corporation themselves would be the arbitrary judge of whether your story was newsworthy or not.

The world has moved on considerably since these times, with social or 'web 2. Loyal employees keep operations steady, prioritize long-term success, and preserve priceless institutional knowledge. Achieving employee loyalty - is a goal that for many companies proves elusive. But increasingly, statistics point to one corporate principle that correlates with happy, It's always a pleasure to attend and hear about the latest developments within a community we have enjoyed being part of for many years. Since Lee already blogged his keynote, I thought I would share my own summaries of the key case studies.

They create a fantastic picture of the progress has made in E2. Their participation lends credibility to the platform, models behavior for others, and according to an MIT Sloan Management Review study, creates "benefits in terms of improved information flows, collaboration, lower turnover and higher employee motivation. How to Manage an International Community Because of this trend, most growing international companies have community managers, all of which have certainly encountered some of the joys - and pitfalls - of community management. Often, your existing customers or users are your best brand advocates.

These customers share satisfying customer experiences with their friends, families and networks on social The role of the Quantified Organisation in Digital Transformation My keynote there was about the idea of a Quantified Organisation as a method for managing and measuring Digital Transformation. For years we have looked at a process as an idealization of how things happen, and stripped out the messy detail of who makes things happen. This is where knowledge expertise and experience improves or accelerates the process.

Without it, we are simply looking at a system that ignores such accelerators just so we can have a lowest common denominator of predictable activity. At the annual gathering The KM 1. This is usually a myth. Usually the poster is suggesting that the "old, failed KM" was about technology, about "command and control", about collecting information, and about organising content. The "new KM" that they usually espouse is about connecting people, about freedom, about conversation, and usually nowadays about social media.

The picture that is pointed of "old KM" is usually wrong, and the picture that is painted Viele Unternehmen befinden sich an in diesem Stadium der Neugestaltung. Vor rund This applies not just to consumers prospective or existing customers but to employees as well. So what can you do to improve your internal employee and external customer communications, so that people will pay attention to, read and respond to your messages?

Dozens of marketing and communication experts share their nine top strategies for improving business communication.

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Internal Employee As your inbox count goes down, the difficulty level goes up" The struggle to achieve Inbox Zero seems the greatest possible achievement for the digital citizen. Luckily, it turns out that you're not the problem. The problem is email itself. This is how to fix it. Most of the tips and tricks that promise to bring law and order into your messy Inbox have largely proven counterproductive or impossible A single community manager, working in a part-time capacity, is taking care of an online community.

The community is successful: it attracts new members, who create more discussions, which in turn attracts even more members. Before long, the community manager is presented with a "good problem" to have: the need to grow the team. Designing a Social Employee Pilot Program Who would be speaking? Would it be the higher-ups in the C Suite, your employees and coworkers, or all those voices resounding as one?

To give my talk a better contextual basis, I also used my As Claes Peyron discussed in his "9 Steps to a Successful Employer Branding Strategy" blog, attracting, retaining and coaching employees has become a pivotal organizational capability. Organizations need to appoint their "Chief Talent Officer[s]" for the development of such capability.

By turning employees into trusted internal advocates or brand representatives in direct contact with customers and other external audiences, organizations can acquire sustainable competitive Change Kommunikation innerhalb der Digitalen Transformation Community Management Essentials Community management basics for enterprise social networks With the rise of enterprise social networks like Yammer, Jive and what have you, it has suddenly become a key skill in the internal communications toolkit.

At the heart of community management is relationship building - or network weaving. People skills are a must. If I would have to describe the perfect community manager he or she would be an empathetic strategist. What's in it for me? Articulating the benefits of social collaboration This is your top line purpose, it's necessary to get funding and executive buy-in, and it's a cornerstone for everything that follows. My digest of the Enterprise 2. Once again I have left the venue inspired and with a lot of food for thought. However, I have to admit that there is a struggle with the transition to the next phase.

Various conversations at the conference have confirmed this impression. We have definitely left the age of "technology driven" change was there one Now we seem to be stuck in Audience members represented industries including engineering, manufacturing, retailing, construction, shipping, technology, energy, utilities, printing, pharmaceuticals and consulting - plus a range of government agencies.

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After my programs, I asked audiences to fill out questionnaires that would give me a sense of their enthusiasm for and commitment to the idea Teleworking: How to Create Presence in the Distance In the U. The challenge most company owners face is how to make that cultural shift without "losing control" of their employees, results, goals, terms, client interaction, etc. The good news is that technology is on your side and there are many ways you can implement Improving engagement with wikis and blogs She thought it was a great wiki, well designed, with plenty of useful content and as a practising lawyer in the field herself, I'm sure she was right but it still wasn't really engaging the other lawyers in the community of practice yet.

Our conversation reminded me what a common issue this is, for which there is no magic solution. This post is for her and draws together some top tips which I hope will help. Knowledge management strategy development: Taking stock Here I am, fishing for ideas on good communication and knowledge management strategies. I addressed how to develop a communication strategy a while back. And though I've shared some ideas on how I would go about a KM strategy, I haven't really synthesised all the stuff I've found useful to do so through the years; so here's some stock-taking exercise for resources dealing with designing and rolling out a knowledge management strategy.

Caveat: This is not a simple exercise, as most In the end, despite years of investment in data analytics programs and technology, most business leaders would admit that these initiatives have not yet improved performance in any sustained Stefan Pfeiffer zu Social Collaboration: Anfangen. Nicht warten. Auf Twitter findet man ihn als DigitalNaiv. Manche wollen die Marke erlebbar machen, andere mehr verkaufen, und wieder andere finden Facebook, Twitter und Co.

Nur: Was bringen Tausende Anecdotally, it appears the level of activity out of this batch of would-be pioneers is negligible. You can log in daily for a week, or more, and not once be greeted by a change in your news feed. More on this later. I put that in quotes because the implementation of an enterprise-wide ESN application of SharePoint has yet to occur; it may never happen. Pfaff, Dieter ; Ruud, Flemming ; et al Zou, Xin-Yu. Selected Topics in Product and Internet Marketing.

Sprache, Kultur und Zielgruppen German

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Slatco Sterzenbach: Change als Chance - Veränderung erfolgreich gestalten - Buchtrailer

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Ein Bild sagt mehr als tausend Worte.


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