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We are really looking for a hand around the property with some light building work for example some pointing and help with the gardening and outdoor maintenance. A positive attitude and self discipline for getting the job done are really welcome. We speak English at home, although we do all speak good French but not together. My German is good.

As to internet access, we have an unlimited connection. Chez nous is also home to several cats, so anyone coming to stay would ideally be cat friendly and enjoy a cuddle with Floppy, Dora and Cara from time to time. As a family, we have a varied diet and it might be complicated to adapt the family cooking to suit vegans. Non-smokers only, please, as my husband is asthmatic. We are also English-speakers, so this is not necessarily the best spot to brush up on your French! We are looking for on average 5 hours work a day with two days a week off to enjoy the local area.

Nombre d'amis Facebook. Description We are a friendly, lively family of four: Alison, John and two kids Ben, 17, and Maddy, Aide We are really looking for a hand around the property with some light building work for example some pointing and help with the gardening and outdoor maintenance. Autre chose Combien de volontaires pouvez-vous accueillir? Plus de deux. Nombre d'heures attendues We are looking for on average 5 hours work a day with two days a week off to enjoy the local area. We spent little over 2 weeks in this beautiful countryside.

There's lots to see and do around and working hours are quite flexible. We did some weeding, restored some furniture and shutters and helped with loading and unloading the van and setting up the tables for the fairs. Start in the mornings for the fairs was early but after helping out you … read more can wander around in these beautiful small towns and villages. We also had fun helping out John with his little girls football practice. John, Alison and Ben are really friendly and kind and were always talkative and were kind enough to show us around and took us on guided tour to see the D-day sites.

They know alot about Normandy and even when just driving around with them they always explained the cultural differences and local customs and lives that local people lived. They also lent us their car to go and see Mont-Saint-Michel! We enjoyed bicycle rides, during which we saw many animals greeting us on our way.

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They have also talking lawnmower a white horse in their garden that always kept an eye on our activities and 3 sweet cats. Not to mention little Jackson, a bunny that got all the attention and carrots that Hanna had to offer. Thank you Alison, Jon and Ben! It's a beautiful and interesting place to volunteer at!

Hanna and Magnus were fantastic workawayers and a real pleasure to have to stay. They were extremely diligent and got on with all the tasks, even the most boring, with a smile. They came at a very opportune moment as my husband is recovering from an operation on his arm and they were very helpful with his work.

On a personal note, they were great … read more company and fun to chat with in the evenings. They also were very tidy and always did the washing up straight away: quelle joie! A lovely, happy couple we could strongly recommend. Come back whenever you like! We spent three wonderful weeks with Alison, John and Ben in Normandy. We are happy that we had the chance to meet this lovely family. They helped us a lot with our travels and gave advices what and when to visit. We spent some nice evenings together, playing board games or watching great movies.

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We helped digging in the garden, weeding, painting … read more and we also helped John moving antiques. We miss their cute cats, the amazing green fields and the rooms filled with antiques. They were with us for three weeks and were polite, friendly and really helpful. They were very easy going and fitted in with our family routine. The … read more Hungarian specialities we got to taste were excellent and we are looking forward to enjoying our chocolate treats too!

Alice joined us for a busy week and was a real help all round. Alice was a real whiz in the kitchen and has left us with some wonderful blackberry jam. We also did a car boot together and Alice's help was invaluable.

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We would be very happy to recommend Alice as great company and an excellent workawayer, prepared to roll up her sleeves and get … read more stuck into the tasks at hand. Good luck with your future travels and projects. I spent two weeks with Alison and her family. John, Alison, Ben, and Maddy were all really lovely.

I helped with weeding and painting while I was there. I got on really well with everyone and was even able to see Maddy perform her EP for the first time. You will become a football fan. Ben, John, and I watched a ton of matches and I really … read more enjoyed it. Also Ben has an awesome movie collection!

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You guys have a tour guide if you ever visit New York :D -Carla. Carla spent nearly two weeks with us and was a joy to have around. She worked hard at helping John out with some painting, weeding and general tidying up. Carla is a well organised, calm and cheerful and got on with all the family brilliantly. We wish her all the very best for her future studies and travels. It was a real bonus that she made it to … read more Maddy's first gig in Paris before heading home! Veuillez consulter notre politique relative aux feedbacks pour en savoir plus sur les raisons de la non publication de ce commentaire.

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Yadana is a ray of sunshine! She is bright, interesting and very friendly. She fitted in perfectly with the general family set up. Yadana applied herself to getting on with the weeding and worked diligently whilst she was with us. She has an excellent singing voice and Maddy and her got on like a house on fire. We all loved her amazing chicken … read more coconut soup. Yadand was a pleasure to have to stay and we all wish her well for a bright and shiny future.

Two weeks with this Family for me is the first and amazing workaway experience!!

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Just before I left France to go back home to Burma Myanmar , having went to stay with them made me feel like I'm already home away home. Alison took really good care of my needs - from my personal health to what I eat, treat me with her amazing home dishes … read more especially curries. John, a very knowledgeable person about Normandy history, knows what I'm up to and in my case, he was delighted to take me to the Utah beach where my hero's, Major Dick Winters', memorial is and let me see his work around the house, that's where I learnt a lot about building and gardening!

Maddy, a talented musician, accompanied me with singing, made sure to not leave me bored so showed me how cool it is growing up in Normandy, France like hanging out together many times along with her super nice friends! And Ben, the youngest yet the awesomest person, taught me how to be photogenic on some occasions, how to do cool dance moves, oh and what great films and shows to see. Sorry Ben I was able to keep up with your video games though. You will definitely miss chilling with them, having a great time singing, talking during dinner, and having fun working together once you leave!

I know I am. What a wonderful family; I very much wish I could have stayed longer. Though I stayed only one week, Alison, Jon and the whole family treated me as one of their own. Jon is so wonderful and knowledgeable about antiques, he's quite funny and a great conversationalist. Alison is incredibly sweet, helpful, and knows everything to know about the … read more Normandy area. She even brought me to the D-Day sites which was so much fun! Jon and Alison are also both incredibly talented cooks, you will not go hungry here!

Ben, their son, is very welcoming and a great joy to get to know -- best of luck on your acting career, Ben! Maddy, their daughter, is just wonderful and so kind, intelligent, and fun. She is so welcoming and even volunteered to show me around Paris, an offer that I hope to take up the next time I return. Definitely don't forget about the animals either!

Cara, Floppy, and Dora are the cats -- all are sweet, cuddly, and absolutely adorable. Jackson, the little bunny that is very well dressed is possibly one of the cutest creatures to grace this planet and I miss him dearly! The horse who's name I still cannot pronounce is so elegant and beautiful; she's quite cute and fun to pet on the nose : I most certainly will return the next time I go to France, and I highly recommend them!

Lyn has a jolly, sunny disposition and was a delight to have to stay. She set to weeding with gusto and learning new decoration skills with enthusiasm. Lyn loves animals and Jackson, the rabbit, has been pining for her since she left! We really hope Lyn might come back and see us next year. Find out more. French resources for your students From fun plenaries to revision exercises our worksheets, games and activities will help your students learn the French language. Register for free or subscribe for more Access to the vast majority of our resources is free once you have registered as a free member — you can browse, search, download and print resources whenever you like.

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Plant an infinitive in the flower pot and see a verb plant grow! Match the classic films to the genres to revise film vocabulary. A reading worksheet on the topic of present preferences. Six different people with health problems need some good advice! A starter activity for the topic of free time. A double sided grammar mat for Foundation students.

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