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The Tattered Cover. The mysteries are unexpected and the mythology is impressively original. A remarkably suspenseful ride. Nonstop action and a richly layered plot propel a breakneck pace, and if the characters fit a tried-and-true trope, the skillful dialogue and touches of humor make that easy to overlook. A cliff-hanger ending will have readers begging for the sequel.

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The result is a fast, fun novel that will spark imaginations like something off the silver screen. A sure to be amazing series book one of The Paladin Prophecy has promised readers many things and has fully delivered upon those promises. If you like action, suspense, intrigue, and even a bit of romance this is the book for you.

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It really was quite enjoyable… " — GeekSpeak Magazine. The Paladin Prophecy is an exciting new paranormal series I think is going to appeal to all ages in the same way that The Hunger Games an Harry Potter series did. Ama I gushing yet? If not, just wait because I will be soon.

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And I want to give it a third go. This is the best adventure book I have read in years. Here are a few examples:. The end of this book was an absolute whirlwind of action and puzzles. Parts of it were honestly a little confusing to me, but I think that might have been the formatting on my e-ARC. We suddenly hear from a bunch of different points of view but there were no section separators and not even extra line breaks to tell me when the POV was switching, so it got a little crazy.

Author Interview: Mark Frost and The Paladin Prophecy

I definitely recommend this book a hundred times over if you like action, mystery, a bit of science, and some crazy fantasy X-Men type stuff. Website Enter your URL then click here to include a link to one of your blog posts. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

For some reason it also didn t grab me at all, but I was reading your review and I feel like this could be my book after all.. The focus is definitely on the mystery and the adventure!

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This sounds awesome! Love the first quote by the way.

The Paladin Prophecy

Just wanted to stop by and say hi… And also, your blog is amazing! Hey Alyssa! Thanks so much for stopping by! It sounds amazing! Anything that is like Harry Potter or Percy Jackson has to worth checking out. Great review! Posted by Ashley. Twitter Facebook Pinterest. Don't miss my next post! Sign up to get my blog posts sent directly to your inbox plus exclusive store discounts! Enter your email address.

Summary and reviews of The Paladin Prophecy by Mark Frost

Let's Rock! You might like these. One question, any romance? Thanks so much Keertana! I really hope you get a chance to read The Paladin Prophecy!